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We are an international association for the promotion and education of martial arts.

We believe that with our new kind of approach in the field of martial arts, we offer something special to those interested and practicing.
We believe that we are part of big changes.
We think about all this because what we teach is a fighting system that offers real solutions based on innovative, usable techniques.
The fact that we got to this point was helped by the decades of experience of many good instructors.
Join us either as an association or as an individual practitioner in any of our member organizations!

Our association is continuously developing and expanding, there are a few essential points why it would be beneficial for your club to join us. 

• This martial arts is based on techniques that can be of use in the real world. Easy to learn and teach.
• While following and respecting traditions, our approach to martial arts is modern and contemporary.
• …Work in harmony… young and energetic class management.
• Our instructors are highly qualified with many years of experience
• Child protection and safeguarding is our priority!
• Our association complies with international laws and regulations

Benefits of our members.

• Access to international events and calendar
• Club listing on website.
• Grading systems
• International seminars for all levels
• Renowned instructor training program…
And many more!

Inquire at our contacts!

Application for club membership

Demonstration video from 2021 (Thanks to Miklós Schnitzer!):