Budo Karate & Jujutsu International
skóciai edző / Coach in Scotland
1. dan Shotokan karate

I have been training for over 20 years in the Traditional Shotokan Style of Karate.
Gaining my 1 st Dan with JKA Scotland. Chief instructor Keinosuke Enoeda 8th Dan. (The origianl Shotokan Tiger)
Continued training with JKA , then JKS, Kirkcaldy Shotokan Karate and currently training and teaching with Korosi Karate, Sensei Janos Korosi 4th Dan.
Since training and teaching with my Karate brother my love for the true nature and understanding of Karate grows.
Concentrating on the original form and purpose of martial arts and pushing our training to the max in every lesson.
The association with Budo Karate Hungary has only added to this, I have met alot of new friends / family who have helped me progress .
I look forward to future and training with Budo Hungary in the UK and Hungary.
Always push yourself to the max.