Modern Jujutsu Synthesis School was Founded by President of first Martial Arts Federation in Rostov on Don, Hanshi Yuriy Lyashenko in 1986 year, in this year start work Martial Arts Center Synthesis. Since 1991 year was Founded Professional League of Kickboxing Synthesis, which was organize a very first International Tournaments by Contact Martial Arts in Rostov on Don. The Grandmaster Yuri Lyashenko become Vice President of All Eurasian Kickboxing Federation and Technical Director of Karate International Council of Kickboxing or KICK Eurasian, Hanshi Yuriy Lyashenko was also ISKA and WAKO representative in Russia. In 1999 year he was organize first International Tournament by Contact Martial Arts in Sochi and Gala BudoShow. In 2001 was builded International Association of Contact Martial Arts „United Boxing Union” and Professional Club of Self-Defense Synthesis. Club Synthesis was teach students, Police, security and amateur or Professional sportsmens. In 3 December 2010, Grandmaster Yuriy Lyashenko was passed away. His son Yaroslav Lyashenko, end Moscow Law Institute and in 2012 build in Rostov on Don, International Development and Research Center of Martial Arts Synthesis named after Yuriy Lyashenko and Modern Jujutsu Synthesis School. Motto of Modern Jujutsu Synthesis School is: „Win Yourself – Went on Olympus of the Spirit”.

Training location: Zheleznodorozhnyy Rayon, Rostov-on-Don, Rosztovi region, Russia, 344034
Telefon: +7 918 555-81-16